Project SettingsΒΆ

This page explains how to use the Project Settings window. If you would like to access and modify project settings via code, see ProjectSettings.

Godot stores the project settings in a project.godot file, a plain text file in INI format. There are dozens of settings you can change to control a project's execution. To simplify this process, Godot provides a project settings dialog, which acts as a front-end to editing a project.godot file.

To access that dialog, select Project -> Project Settings.

Once the window opens, let's select a main scene. Locate the Application/Run/Main Scene property and click on it to select 'hello.tscn'.

The project settings dialog provides a lot of options that can be saved to a project.godot file and shows their default values. If you change a value, a tick appears to the left of its name. This means that the property will be saved in the project.godot file and remembered.