Your first 2D game

In this step-by-step tutorial series, you will create your first complete 2D game with Godot. By the end of the series, you will have a simple yet complete game of your own, like the image below.


You will learn how the Godot editor works, how to structure a project, and build a 2D game.


This project is an introduction to the Godot engine. It assumes that you have some programming experience already. If you're new to programming entirely, you should start here: Scripting languages.

The game is called "Dodge the Creeps!". Your character must move and avoid the enemies for as long as possible.

You will learn to:

  • Create a complete 2D game with the Godot editor.

  • Structure a simple game project.

  • Move the player character and change its sprite.

  • Spawn random enemies.

  • Count the score.

And more.

You'll find another series where you'll create a similar game but in 3D. We recommend you to start with this one, though.

Why start with 2D?

If you are new to game development or unfamiliar with Godot, we recommend starting with 2D games. This will allow you to become comfortable with both before tackling 3D games, which tend to be more complicated.

You can find a completed version of this project at this location:


This step-by-step tutorial is intended for beginners who followed the complete Getting Started.

If you're an experienced programmer, you can find the complete demo's source code here: Godot demo projects.

We prepared some game assets you'll need to download so we can jump straight to the code.

You can download them by clicking the link below.