About the Asset Library

The Godot Asset Library, otherwise known as the AssetLib, is a repository of user-submitted Godot addons, scripts, tools, and other resources, collectively referred to as assets. They're available to all Godot users for download directly from within the engine, but it can also be accessed at Godot's official website.

On the surface, the Asset Library might look and function similar to asset stores available for other engines, such as Unity's Asset Store, or Unreal Engine's Marketplace, where you can submit both freely-available assets, as well as paid, commercial ones. In addition, often times such assets are distributed under non-free, proprietary licenses, limiting what you can do with them.

The Asset Library is different - all assets are distributed free of charge, and under a host of open source licenses (such as the MIT license, the GPL, and the Boost Software License). This makes the AssetLib more similar to the software repositories of a Linux distribution.

This set of pages will cover how to use the AssetLib (both from inside Godot, and on the website), how you can submit your own assets, and what the guidelines for submission are.

Please note that the AssetLib is relatively young - it may have various pain points, bugs, and usability issues. As with all Godot projects, the code repository is available on GitHub, where you can submit pull requests and issues, so please do not hesitate to visit it!

Types of assets

Be aware that there are, broadly, two different types of assets you can post.

  • Assets labeled as "Templates", "Projects", or "Demos" appear under the "Asset Library Projects" tab in the Godot Project Manager. These assets are standalone Godot projects that can run by themselves.

  • Other assets show up inside of the Godot editor under the "AssetLib" main screen tab, next to "2D", "3D", and "Script". These assets are meant to be downloaded and placed into an existing Godot project.

Frequently asked questions

Can paid assets be uploaded to the asset library?

Not to the official one, though in the future, there might be other asset libraries which allow it. That said, you are allowed to monetize and sell Godot assets outside the Asset Library.