Rest Bone

Armature object in Blender is exported as a Skeleton node along with rest position (transform in Godot) of bones.


The three check boxes Inherit Rotation, Inherit Scale, Local Location (colored in red) must be ticked when building armature in Blender, so that the exported bone transform be consistent between Blender and Godot

It is important that the mesh is not deformed by bones when exporting in Blender. Make sure that the skeleton is reset to its T-pose or default rest pose.

Bone Weights

Blender put rigged mesh vertices which has no bone weights at its original position, but these vertices would be placed at (0, 0, 0) in Godot, making the mesh deformed. Therefore, the exporter would raise an error for any vertex with no bone weights detected in a rigged mesh.

Non-Deform Bone

Note that the non-deform bone can be configured as not exported by enabling the Exclude Control Bones; the deform bone checkbox is shown in the picture.

Bone Attachment

A bone can be the parent of an object in Blender; this relation is exported as a BoneAttachment node in the Godot scene.