Inherits: VisualInstance3D < Node3D < Node < Object

Inherited By: VisibleOnScreenEnabler3D

Detects approximately when the node is visible on screen.


The VisibleOnScreenNotifier3D detects when it is visible on the screen. It also notifies when its bounding rectangle enters or exits the screen or a Camera3D's view.

If you want nodes to be disabled automatically when they exit the screen, use VisibleOnScreenEnabler3D instead.

Note: VisibleOnScreenNotifier3D uses the render culling code to determine whether it's visible on screen, which also means that its Node3D.visible must be true to work correctly.




AABB(-1, -1, -1, 2, 2, 2)



is_on_screen ( ) const


screen_entered ( )

Emitted when the VisibleOnScreenNotifier3D enters the screen.

screen_exited ( )

Emitted when the VisibleOnScreenNotifier3D exits the screen.

Property Descriptions

AABB aabb = AABB(-1, -1, -1, 2, 2, 2)

  • void set_aabb ( AABB value )

  • AABB get_aabb ( )

The VisibleOnScreenNotifier3D's bounding box.

Method Descriptions

bool is_on_screen ( ) const

If true, the bounding box is on the screen.

Note: It takes one frame for the node's visibility to be assessed once added to the scene tree, so this method will return false right after it is instantiated, even if it will be on screen in the draw pass.