Exporting 3D scenes


In Godot it is possible to export 3D scenes as a glTF 2.0 file. You can export as a glTF binary (.glb file) or glTF embedded with textures (gltf + .bin + textures). This allows you to create scenes in Godot, such as a CSG mesh blockout for a level, export it to clean it up in a program such as Blender, and then bring it back into Godot.


Only Blender 2.83 and newer can import glTF files exported by Godot.

To export a scene in the editor go to Scene > Export As... > glTF 2.0 Scene...



There are several limitations with glTF export.

  • No support for exporting particles since their implementation varies across engines.

  • ShaderMaterials cannot be exported.

  • No support for exporting 2D scenes.