Using NavigationRegions

NavigationRegions are the visual Node representation of a region of the navigation map on the NavigationServer. Each NavigationRegion node holds a resource for the navigationmesh data.

Both 2D and 3D version are available as NavigationRegion2D and NavigationRegion3D respectively.

Individual NavigationRegions upload their 2D NavigationPolygon or 3D NavigationMesh resource data to the NavigationServer. The NavigationServer map turns this information into a combined navigation map for pathfinding.

To create a navigation region using the SceneTree add a NavigationRegion2D or NavigationRegion3D node to the scene. All regions require a navigationmesh resource to function. See Using NavigationMeshes to learn how to create and apply navigationmeshes.

NavigationRegions will automatically push global_transform changes to the region on the NavigationServer which makes them suitable for moving platforms. The NavigationServer will attempt to connect navmeshes of individual regions when they are close enough. For more detail see Connecting NavigationMeshes. To connect NavigationRegions over arbitrary distances see Using NavigationLinks to learn how to create and use NavigationLinks.


While changing the transform of a NavigationRegion node does update the region position on the NavigationServer changing the scale does not. A navigationmesh resource has no scale and needs to be fully updated when source geometry changes scale.

Regions can be enabled / disabled and if disabled will not contribute to future pathfinding queries.


Existing paths will not be automatically updated when a region gets enabled / disabled.

Creating new navigation regions

New NavigationRegion nodes will automatically register to the default world navigation map for their 2D/3D dimension.

The region RID can then be obtained from NavigationRegion Nodes with get_region_rid().

extends NavigationRegion3D

var navigationserver_region_rid: RID = get_region_rid()

New regions can also be created with the NavigationServer API and added to any existing map.

If regions are created with the NavigationServer API directly they need to be assigned a navigation map manually.

extends Node2D

var new_2d_region_rid: RID = NavigationServer2D.region_create()
var default_2d_map_rid: RID = get_world_2d().get_navigation_map()
NavigationServer2D.region_set_map(new_2d_region_rid, default_2d_map_rid)
extends Node3D

var new_3d_region_rid: RID = NavigationServer3D.region_create()
var default_3d_map_rid: RID = get_world_3d().get_navigation_map()
NavigationServer3D.region_set_map(new_3d_region_rid, default_3d_map_rid)


NavigationRegions can only be assigned to a single NavigationMap. If an existing region is assigned to a new map it will leave the old map.